What Not To Wear- The Wedding Edition

The Millenial Martha Stewart, Lauren Conrad, was featured on WhoWhatWear.com giving her do’s and dont’s for wedding guest attire.  We have shared some of those tips here along with our own for you to check out!

1.  The Golden Rule: Do not wear a white dress!

This is the oldest rule in the book! No matter how great that white sun dress looks there should only be one white dress at the wedding!

2. In addition to not wearing white… let the bride make the statement!

It is important to remember that this day is about celebrating the relationship of the Mr. and Mrs. to be. So while you are picking out your dapper attire just remember that all eyes should be on them!

3.  Be comfortable!

We have all regretted wearing those heels by the time the dance floor opens.  A lot of couples offer flip flops for their guests these days but it’s best to come prepared!  Now is when we give a nod to Sidekicks for their foldable flats.  These are great to have in hand for any long day!


4. Follow the dress code on the invitation!

Sometimes we feel as though their are blurred guidelines in dress codes.  The Knot has put together a great cheat sheet to break it down for you.

If you follow these steps you will be dressed to impress!


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