Perfect Poses

Nothing against those amateur shutterbugs out there, but the classics are, well, the classics for a reason. They are timeless (and won’t be that embarrassing when you look back on them in 10 years- maybe a few of them ­čÖé

We have several hints for you. Try these out at home before the actual photo shoot so you’ll be super-ready the day of. Oh, come on! Your partner will LOVE practicing this stuff! hehehe…

  1. Arm around neckarm around neck 1
  2. Hand on cheekhand on cheek
  3. Hand on chestAgnes Lopez Photography
  4. Hand on back of headback of head
  5. Head on shoulderhead on shoulder
  6. Arm from behindarm from behind
  7. Arm around waistarm around waist
  8. Wrapped in his armswrap in arms
  9. Only the girl looksonly girl looks
  10. Right before the kissright before kiss
  11. Kissingkiss
  12. Hide the kisshide the kiss
  13. Cheek kisscheek kiss
  14. Forehead kissforehead kiss
  15. Top of the head kisstop of head kiss
  16. Check to cheekcheek to cheek
  17. Forehead to foreheadhead to head
  18. Nose to nosenose to nose
  19. Arm in armAgnes Lopez Photography
  20. Back to backback to back
  21. Hugginghugging
  22. Holding handsholdhand
  23. Showing off the ringshowing ring
  24. Lying on backlying on back
  25. Swept off of her feetswept feet
  26. Dancedance
  27. Being sillysilly
  28. Piggyback rideWedding Photography
  29. Whispering a secretsecret
  30. Grab his clothesgrab clothes
  31. Reflectionreflection
  32. SilhouetteLindsay & Nick // Engaged
  33. Shadowsshadow

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