Dos + Don’ts before and for your Day!




DO triple check before setting the date. Decide the right date for yourself and all the important attendees.

DO ask for help. Maintain good communication with your event planner and others.

DO involve the parents. Remember it is a big day for your family, too.

DO be organized. It will help you keep track of the budget. You remember the budget, right? 😉

DO send thank you notes during planning and after. Be gracious and personal in your correspondence. This will not go unnoticed.

DO have a tasting and rehearsal. Make sure you feel comfortable with every detail.

DO try to get your beauty sleep. You are the STAR of the show!




DON’T drink like there is no tomorrow. You want to remember every moment of the day (and photos with brides holding liquor are tacky- they just are!)

DON’T let the little things stress you. Relax and smile, gorgeous.

DON’T over-schedule yourself. Enjoy what’s going on.

DON’T skip breakfast. This will help avoid low blood sugar and cranky- pants.

DON’T test out new beauty techniques or products. Tried and true products and styles are best days and hours before the event. This is not the time to perm, crimp, streak, or dare we say…tattoo.

DON’T forget to make the rounds at the reception. Give attendees a moment of your time, even if it’s literally just a moment. They want to feel noticed on your special day, too!

DON’T be bossy with your bridesmaids. Thank them, hug them, tell them you couldn’t do it without them, bring them into the celebration!

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