8 Things To Remember During Your Ceremony

Feeling uncomfortable about standing in front of a big group of people? Feeling nervous about walking down the aisle? Feeling shy saying ” I Do”?

Don’t be! No need to be! You Have Us!

Here are 8 small reminders for one of the most important moments of your life…


1. Seems like a no-brainer, but remember to Smile!Depositphotos_1537510_original1dos


 2. Take your time walking down the aisle.marriage-3


3. Look at your groom (he’s freaking out, too! 🙂99832fa8f31d2f10707feb4fa1770046


4. Pay attention to the officiant (you don’t want to flub and become the next youtube sensation, do you?) xobecome-iowa-perform-wedding-ceremony-800x800


5. Listen to the vows, savor that moment. 6978995_orig


6. Hold your groom’s hand 88iuo-320x202


7. Say “I Do” out loud (we all want to hear it- 105 yr. old neighbor Ethel wants to hear it. Do it for Ethel!)I Do Wedding Shoes


8. Enjoy  “YOUR DAY”. Everyone will tell you that it goes by too fast and they’re right, of course. Thank everyone who helped you and celebrate this next chapter! Congratulations! Bridal-Party-Dance


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